The Incredibles

This movie is deserving its own name. It is just incredible!!. The major things about this movie are fun, fun and fun. Good story telling, great animation and loveable characters. It’s entertaining, enjoyable and did I mention fun?

The characters are amazing. Mr. Incredible is an typical strong superguy, bold, temperamental and daring. He is the guy that just can’t stay behind while somebody is in danger and he got a soft heart… have to admire this guy. Elastigirl is my favorite, great superpower, very flexible (hey, she can stretch her body, how flexible is that?) and a wonderful mom. You definitely want this kind of mom (or wife, depending on your age range… grin). Violet is just amazing, invisibility and force field generated power, and those curtainish long black hair is just cute. Dash is my second favorite. Gotta love this small runner with super speed and reflex and witty attitude. The rest of the cast are incredibles too, the baby is adorable, Edna is hilarious, Frozone is cool (no, it’s not because he can create ice, he is just a cool guy), Mirage is dashing, the archenemy, Syndrome, is hilariously evil and that kid in the tricycle is just… absurdly funny.

The story itself is a jewel. It’s kinda standard superhero’s comeback story but since this is a family movie, it has some of family value scattered through out this movie. Good advices too.

The jokes are hilarious, lots of references to other movies (one of them is Star Wars, which I found quite amusing) and Edna’s “cape as part of a superhero’s costume” advisory is really hilarious, never thought that cape could be that censored (you have to watch this movie to find out wink).

I am quite fond of Pixar‘s animation movie but this movie is not just an animation movie, this is an action movie. I feel like watching the action movie instead of animation. So yeah, this is may not be my number one animation movie (Still have “Finding Nemo” on that number one spot – those underwater rendering is still blew me away) but this is definitely my favorite action movie =).

This movie is highly recommended. It’s worth your 151 minutes, guaranteed. And did I mention that I was having so much fun watching this movie?

Sidenote: As usual with all Pixar’s movie, this movie had a short animation movie in the beginning. For this movie, the short movie is Boundin’. A good short animation about a lamb and very philosophical. So make sure you are not late get inside the theater because you don’t want to miss this short movie.