Today is the USA Election day. I hope that American people have good sense whom they will choose as their next president. Why good sense? Because it seems like half of the American people still think that the warmonger, George W. Bush is way much better than the war hero, John Kerry. Go figure…

Being in Canada, the closest neighboor of USA, make me watch this event with enthusiasm more than ever. I can’t still believe that there are people actually believe that Dubya did a very good job in his term. Those people even believe that Dubya make USA more secure… Huh? Pardon my confusion but do they even remember that the 911 happened while Dubya was in the office? Er… If Dubya made USA more secure then why 911 happened? Wake up, people… if you want to put the blame then blame on Dubya for let 911 happened! Prevention is way much better than treatment and especially if those treatment was amputation like Dubya do, even until now.

Dubya’s policies are not make USA more secured, more isolated perhaps but definitely not more secured. USA is more hated than ever all over the world. Those “best friend” of USA take 180° stance on most USA’s new policies. Look at Germany and French, those great country are against most of USA’s terrorism against the world. THAT is a good sense.

I am not an US citizen but as much as I don’t quite like it, I recognize the role of US in the global world. So yeah, I am concern about how this election will turn out. This election could be a really turning point for global world condition. USA already done too much damage in Dubya’s imperialism style… So please, have a good sense and make this world a better place… without George W. Bush.

Watch the result at CNN.