Thomas already wrote his reason why he is still using Movable Type. Now I think it is my turn to tell my reason, no?

It all started with Priyadi (yes, that Priyadi, the one with Anne Ahira and Roy Suryo fanatics barking ferociously on his back) not-so-scientific survey about the weblogging tools used by most Indonesian weblogger and in that entry the winner is WordPress (WP) with 13 users beating my all time favorites Movable Type (MT) with sadly enough only 4 users. The interesting thing is those 4 users are a long time weblogger (me, since September 2000; Thomas, since October 2002; Enda, since September 2001 and Amal (his website is kinda dead right now, hardware problem)). Priyadi missed two other long time weblogger in his survey: Thalia, since January 1999 and Firda, since 1999 too (too bad she just restart her weblog again so there is no old archive on her weblog). Those two ladies are using… yes, you are right, Movable Type.

So what make MT more favorable than WP among the ‘senior’ weblogger? The simple answer? Because WP is only huge recently, so it is a new kids on the block toy =). That is really a snobbish answer, isn’t it? Well, I have my own reason why I am stick with MT (as with other reason why I am stick with Mac computer and Palm PDA, those will have to wait until next time) and some of the reasons are:

  1. I am just too lazy to make a transfer. First I used Blogger then I moved to Greymatter and then I discovered MT. So I think I’ve already make enough transfer.

  2. In case you haven’t noticed, I managed a couple of weblogs and those weblogs are somehow corelated with each other and those function are deep tied inside my weblog engine. Again, I am just too lazy… grin.

  3. Plugins dependencies. I know WP has some cool plugins but until MTEmbedImage plugins (the main engine for my photolog) is ported to WP and work as beautifully as with MT… I won’t held my breath.

  4. More or the same as Thomas’ reasons.

Anyway, those are just a personal preference. Those are not common sense and those are not suggestions. So who cares which weblogging tools you are using? Just write some good entry (or take some cool picture if you are a photoblog kind of person) and let the world enjoy them… After all it’s all about sharing =).

Have a nice weekend and happy weblogging, everyone!