It’s been a while since I wrote an entry about Web Standards issue. But since reading Priyadi‘s entry about his research on Situs Terbaik competition entries, I think I will write a complimentary entry. (I have to admit that Priyadi’s research is quite amazing, well done pal! – too bad it is in Indonesian language only)

What is “Situs Terbaik”? For those non-Indonesian speakers, it literally means “The Best Website”. So it is basically a national competition looking for the best Indonesian website. So, what is the problem? You may recall my old entry about being a judge and read my rambling about how ignorant the competitors with Web Standards back then. So yeah, this entry will be another rants and raves about how ignorant those Indonesian so-called web developer on Web Standards issue.

I rarely wrote about Web Standards issue nowadays because I believe most people already get the point. But I guess I was wrong or maybe I just underestimate those people’s ignorancy. I mean, I used to criticize (sometime harshly, I have to admit it) some website that my designer friends made when they are not standard compliant but you know what are the respond most of the time? Yeah, you may know it, they just told me to shut up. So? I tone down a little bit and still they are ignorant with the fact that Web Standards is a MUST!

Some of them will (or already) make an argument that a good website could exist without using any standard. Well, people, I hate to say this but please learn about what is a “website” first… I hate to write the same rants about why we must use Web Standards again and again. Googling and you will find a lot of links explaining why. Browse my Recently Reading list on the sidebar, you will find some gems there. It’s time to re-learn, folks.

And don’t give me that crap about you have to follow your client because you need the money. You are THE designer! Your client doesn’t even have to know that you are using Web Standards, what they will know is their website is becoming more faster, more bandwidth-savvy and more accessible. Do you think all car owner know how the combustion engine worked? So stop those non-sense argument and do your homework on Web Standards issue.

My major point here is I am dissapointed. Total dissapointment about the Indonesia Web Standards situation. It’s been too long delayed and abandoned. I think I will have to do something about it.