In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and I have to admit it, I like being here…

My experience with Ottawa is only between my home in the suburb, Carleton and downtown (Parliament Building, Rideau Center and … I think that’s it) but I just feel something in the atmosphere.

First of all, most people I’ve met are friendly from a boy in a bus that asked for my suggestion of a birthday present to his mom to the university administrator. Secondly, I don’t feel like a foreigner, an outsider here. I just blend into the society… just like that. Thirdly, most of the TV shows are in English ;).

It’s only been a week, so maybe there are something that I have not experienced but I think I will enjoy most of my time here. I missed Germany’s public transportation tho, public transportation here in Ottawa is not bad (compared to Jakarta it is superbly good) but is not so reliable as in Germany.

So yeah, it’s been a great week. Love the place =).