Indonesia’s IT scene experienced a couple of interesting events for the last couple of days. The cases of the celebrated IT personas and the reaction.

Roy Suryo (as the time of writing this it looks like ‘somebody’ tried to make some editing attempt to eliminate the facts – go figure) is one of the most celebrated IT persona in Indonesia. Credibilty aside, he probably the most celebrated IT persona in Indonesia while we have some people with a lot more credibility like Onno W. Purbo, Budi Rahardjo and a dozen more IT expert who are not under the spotlight of Indonesian media. Why questioning his credibility? Well, base on what he already been doing and what happened in these last couple of weeks, I will let you, my reader, to judge it by yourself, after all we all here are grown up enough to judge, right?

First of all, just follow this link to get you to know what he’s been doing lately: Roysuryowatch. Get the picture? Good. Next.

I am not against him, no, no at all, in fact I am actually admired him that can convince the media to quote him from time to time without consulting to the other credible source. And I still thought the word “cross-checked” is the spirit of journalism, guess I was wrong. Anyway, it is amazing how he could also convince most Indonesian that he is always da’ man, the only reliable source, the one and only truth (wait, I thought that is God’s role?… now I am confused).

This is his ‘amazing’ ability. I can’t blame him tho since it was the media that really make him quite a name like today. If you ask me, I blame society especially media which is the mirror of the society. They only looks for the ‘sensation’ and Mr. Suryo provided it even though without a small hint of credibility except his ‘sounds like scientific’ statement but as hollow as a windbag.

Most of the people in the Indonesia’s IT scene are quite tired with his action, he often make statement and cross-posting it to some IT mailing list and this is the amazing part, when some people tried to tell him that his idea are worthless, he never reply back, never or if he replied it, the answer will be with a deflected tone. Amal once suggested that Mr. Suryo should just make a weblog and throw his opinion there and I add, turn off the comments since it is his trademark of ignoring other people opinion. Priyadi even make a strong statement, while Jay also make the same tone statement. A couple of weblogger who also active in the Indonesia’s IT scene also make those kind of same tone statement.

Well, I can’t say anymore beside what he’s been doing is basically sensational and liked by the media. But on the other hand that also mean that most Indonesian people are being fooled again and again and as I said, I blame the society and media.