Another Tech Talks issue. Want to share your taste on music? Your favorites weblogs? Your photos? Here are some interesting online tools to do that:

  1. Kinja. It’s a web based RSS reader. Its simplicity is the power. My only complain is it doesn’t have categories which I found quite difficult to organize my quite differ RSS feeds. Bloglines on the other hand provide the categories (or folder) but I just don’t like the interface, it just too complicated for my simple taste, but if you desperately need the categorical feeds then Bloglines will do. So here are my shared Kinja and Bloglines.

  2. Audioscrobbler. With it cooperation with Last.FM, this is my chosen online music tool. Share my taste of music to the world and listen to the same kind of music from other people preferences. And it is legal. So what else do you need? It is a sharing taste experience. Curious about my taste? Take a look at my own personal taste of music and my current listening list on Last.FM.

  3. Flickr. Yet another photo sharing web tools. With a twist. I mean it is basically a photo sharing community. It have some features like tagging, contact and other interesting stuff. Not to mention their amazing organizer. See my Flickr page.

That’s all for now. Next issue of Tech Talks will be about some useful online tools that I am regularly used and next time will be about some useful Mac application installed on my machine. Till then!