… is to apply for visa. Well, to where? Can’t tell you right now but most of you probably already know where I will go for my study abroad ;).

And if you didn’t know already maybe you can take a guess. It’s a country that as an Indonesian you will need a visa. It is not any of the Schengen countries because I won’t need a visa since I have my a Germany student residence (Aufenthaltsbewilligung). So any wild guess?

Anyway, I am really looking forward to get my visa as soon and as painless as possible. Being Indonesian means being an unfortunate person when it comes to applying for visa. I am barely lucky that it is not so difficult for me to get my Germany visa because if I was applying after March 2004 then it would be much difficult since Indonesia is on the Germany’s terrorist countries list. Sigh. I am just an ordinary student with a tremendous desire to learn abroad, I don’t have any terrorism tendency because I always thought terrorism is pointless anyway. Good things never come out from doing bad things. Period.

Well. Wish me luck then. Time to move this life a little bit faster now.