Most of you already familiar with my preaching on Web Standards. Especially about tableless design, yeah those XHTML and CSS. Most of you even flame me for my critics on your table layout and give me some hard time by give some ambigous and absurd reasoning. (My all time favorite is “everybody have the right to choose! you can’t force people to do it the standard way” – well, they are right tho, who am I to force? But that is not the point of this entry).

So instead of preaching on the wrong side of the ear, I always tried to give those who are in need some good links on how to learn CSS and/or XHTML. Too bad most of them really like to be spoon feeded… You know my attitude about that, I am the RTFM kind of guy. Most of my knowledge I gained from self-learning and I love to learn new things. So yeah, I can imagine that most people really hate my attitude of shoving the manual in front of their face instead of spoon feed them through out their learning process.

Well, if you are a self-learning kind of people (you already in my favorite list then!) you will be glad that Keith put some good advices and links about learning CSS. Great entry, Keith. Thanks for sharing it.