Godote’s Forum presenting offline | chapter one:

the first book from Godote Forum featuring works of GF members. Intended to trigger creativity, as well as provide a conducive environment for forum members to learn from each other and promote mutual respect for each other’s works, this book is one example of offline events organized by GF.

For those who are not it yet, Godote’s Forum is an Indonesian designer online community. A great one and quite big too. One of the best designer community I’ve ever involved with. So if you have interest with design or you are a designer yourself (and speak Indonesian, of course), feel free to join and participate.

And another reason why I put the announcement of the book here is because I have my artwork printed in that book =). Talking about shameless plug. Anyway, buy the book, support your local designer.

And for GF‘s crew: Thanks for the chance 😉