OK, it’s kinda harsh, isn’t it? But honestly, you should do that if you really want a great browsing experience and enhanced security for your computer.

Updated: It’s not over yet folks, I’ve added 2 more links to the reason why you must not use Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer was an OK browser on its famous day. But those days are over, even Microsoft itself stop supporting it since they will not enhance IE until their new operating system (Longhorn) coming out… sometime in the future.

And believe me, it’s not just me who think that using IE is harmful and give you bad browsing experience, these are some articles about that:

  1. Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer – Lockergnome’s Tech News Watch

  2. BW Online | June 29, 2004 | Internet Explorer Is Just Too Risky (link from Molly)

  3. Internet Explorer Is Too Dangerous to Keep Using (again from Molly)

  4. Pop-up Program Snatches Banking Passowords (link from A Whole Lotta Nothing

  5. The Latest Update CERT recommends anything but IE | The Register

So, if not using IE what should we use? Well, there are some good browser outside if you really look around. Here are some list for you, give them a try, you will realized what you’ve been missing by still using the inferior IE.

  1. Firefox, my default browser on Windows. It’s a Gecko-based browser (The same engine as its big brother Mozilla). This is one of the best browser out there. It’s free, it’s open source and it just works great. And it will run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Opera, I used it a couple years ago. Also one of the best standard compliant but since it’s not an open source software I’ll stick with Firefox.

  3. And of course the good old Mozilla which also included e-mail application and other internet suite.

  4. If you are one of the people that own or use a Mac computer, you are definetely know Safari. It’s a default browser now. Just use it.

  5. Another good browser for Mac is Camino which also a Gecko-based. Not much different with Firefox except this browser is only for Mac.

  6. Linux user… Bless you for not having IE. You are the most lucky person =). You have the great Konqueror, right?

You see, there are a lot of decent browser instead IE out there. So do yourself a favor, grab one of those browser and install it on your computer (I still recommend Firefox, so far this browser is still the best). You will notice the different and you will give yourself a more secure and enjoyable browsing experience. Faster browsing, no more annoying popup, nice feature called tabbed browsing (you’ll love this feature) and other thing that you really missed if you are still using IE.

Happy downloading and believe me, you’ll notice the different.