This update had been delayed for ages. Well, better late than never =). I presented you the new layout for this journal.

Some major changes including:

  • Change the way to navigate, right now I have only three links (it’s expandable) to major section: journal (this main page), archives (all the links to previous entries are in this page) and colophon (it’s also known as ‘about’ section).

  • Adding small icons around, I just love small icons =).

  • Change the XHTML structure. Well, it’s not visible but it is more structurized, honest!

  • 100% pure built with Mac, so the layout work well with Safari, Camino and Firefox on Mac OS X. It still have some nasty bugs with IE5/Mac. Any input from Windows user will be much appreciated. (I only tested this layout with IE6/Win and it looks sort of okay).

  • Use some part of this trick.

  • Windows XP user, hopefully you’ll turn the “Clean Type” options on. You should do it anyway for your own eyes.

I still have a couple things in my To Do list like:

  • User select font family and font size button.
  • Fix the color of the Google AdSense

  • Other stuff that I forgot to put in my To Do list =P

Anyway, hope you like the new layout. Please give me your opinion, input and critics.