Somehow, the song is not enough to show how exactly how I feel… But since I am not a good writer so I prefer to take a song lyric to show it… Here’s for you 😉

For You

The Calling

I am a vision, I am justice

Never thought that I could love

Living in shadows, faded existence

It was never good enough

Within the darkness, you are the light

That shines away

You’re trapped in violence, I can be the man

Who saves the day

I’m there for you

No matter what

I’m there for you

Never giving up

I’m there for you

For you

Someone has changed me, something saved me

Now this is who I am

Although I was blinded, my heart let me find that

Truth makes a better man

I didn’t notice that you were right in front of me

A mask of silence, we’ll put away so we can see