I am feeling geeky today.

You probably already know about Gmail. Yes, the new webmail service from the famous Google with 1 GB of storage. Well, today I have Gmail invitation from Jay. At first I was feeling, yeah, whatever, it’s a 1 GB webmail and I already have a Spymac account with the same amount of storage. So I was login to Gmail and browse around (have a dozen of error message from one to another, well, it is still in the Beta version so it should happened one way or another) then the excitement start to built.

Yes, after a couple of minutes I am starting to feel the geeky excitement. It just happened. And it just because of one e-mail account =P.

Well, in case you don’t know this Gmail situation especially among us “web geeks” (that’s include blogger too, IMHO) try googling for “gmail” and see what you can come up with. I personally really like this opinion from Max Thrane and try to think not to get too excited with this Gmail euphoria. But when the invitation DID come, well…

That’s why I am really feeling geeky today… (I think Gmail also stand for Geek’s mail =P). Anyway, thanks again Jay for inviting me to join the frenzy.