Done. My main website is participating in May 1st Reboot and now it have a new layout… More simple, cleaner and straight to the point, I think…

OK, some keypoint on the new layout:

  • Validated under XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0.

  • Have a new column called “Colophon”, a brief description about who is responsible for all of this craziness =).

  • I am using Flash again! Thanks to Todd Dominey‘s slide show source Flash file. I put high credit on his hard work… Have you seen his amazing 2003 PGA Championship website? It’s gorgeous.

  • Universal navigation for every website is implemented there.

I think that’s all… minus some small things that I forgot.

Vote for me in May 1st Reboot website if you think I deserve it =). Laters, I have to enjoy the day now.