One of the good thing about attending the international school is meeting many people from different background and cultures. It is an interesting way to learn good international interaction.


It’s really a pain in the neck when someone use that cultural differences as a shield to their own ignorance and stupidity. They always use that cultural stuff as their argument why they are acting like an asshole. They always asked to be respected for their own culture but in the other hand they are not even pay any respect to other culture that probably too different to them. They really want people to follow their own way but don’t want to give respect for others.

And the real problem is their way is not even their culture. I mean, if you are an asshole, obvious moron or whatever then you are an asshole, obvious moron or whatever no matter what culture you are coming from. They can come from a very high and respectful culture but if they are assholes… well, you can’t blame the culture can’t you?

It also make their own culture look bad. As you can see, the more they hide their own ignorance and stupidity behind the shield of ‘cultural differences’ the more other people will get the wrong picture. Do they know that by hiding behind the cultural issue they are actually make that culture look bad? What’s wrong with them? Is that not enough to admit that they are a total assholes and they want to make their culture bad also? I don’t really understand the way of their thinking.

I really don’t want judge people based on their background and culture, which always sometime put me into trouble like this one. If I critize them for being a total moron then they will take it as an assault to their culture… Come on! Grow up! I am critizing a person, not the whole culture! And stop making excuses concerning cultural stuff, it won’t work with me as I never judge people base on that.

With me, if you are a great guy I will say it directly no matter what background or culture you have. It will also be the same if you are an asshole… You are still an asshole even if you change your culture and background but still retain your asshole attitude.

Now I am ranting again… But this problem really pissed me off sometimes and to be honest these last couple of days those people really get into my nerve by using cultural excuses as their final weapon because they already know that they are just another lost cases.