Every April 1st there are always something fishy going on around especially on the Web.

So I collected a couple of cute jokes around, some of them are so obvious and some of them are just plain clever… some of them are geeks joke and some of them are just joke… whatever that is, just remember: Today is April 1st, anything can happened.

I plan to update this tomorrow or after that, because I am a little bit preoccupied right now.

So here we go:

From the infamous Slashdot, so yeah most of the jokes are geeky jokes (read: it takes brain to understand it, savvy?), I really like the Omniscience Protocol and RMS-Lint. Cute…

Suspicious but maybe true is Gmail aka. Google Mail… I am still suspicious but hopefully it’s not a mop joke.

Politics, Outsource the Deficit, he he he… Come to think about it, this news can be real too =P

OK, more to come… I have some works to finish now.