My mom sent me an sms saying that my house in Jakarta got broken into yesterday. Casualties: 2 TVs, LD and VCD player, 2 of my used cell phones (without chargers), some of my mom’s jewelry and my computer (except the monitor which is quite huge to drag along)… Quite a lot, eh?

It happened sometime yesterday when my mom was away because she went to Bandung to visit a funeral. Well, just as I received the sms, I called my mom to make sure that she’s okay and not shocked… It turned out that she’s okay and she said like “Well, I really don’t feel bad at all… Maybe because it will never help to get our stuff back anyway… Maybe we will have something better soon, who knows?” and then she even told me that “Well, I guess it’s time to start saving money for a flat screen TV and a DVD player that we always want”… Now that was really a positive attitude from my mom and I am really proud of her… She’s cool, isn’t she?

And when I asked about ‘suspect’ my mom said that she had some people on her suspicion list… Reporting to police? Are you kidding? Do you know how Indonesian police force works? Instead of try to find your stuff they just drained your money under the name “Investigation Fee”… No, thank you.

Yeah, this experience really remind me that actually we never “own” anything… We don’t even take all of that stuff when we are died so yeah, maybe it’s just the ‘balance’ thing… Maybe my mom was right when she said that maybe we will have something better in the future and to preserve the ‘balance’ the old stuff must be away first… Have to remind that as one of the best principal in life.

So yeah, I guess I’ve learned a couple of good lessons in life now.