Yesterday will be remembered as “Bike Falling Day” for me and a couple of my friends.

I was falling (slipping to be exact) from my bike because most of the road was covered with thin layer of ice and it was so slippery even if you were walking by foot. It happened to me in the front of Musik und Kongreshalle and it just happened that way.

The funniest thing (at first I thought that was funny) was the victim of this slippery road was not only me but two of my friend also have slipping and falling bike and one of them fell only 10 meters away from the place I fell. But today I just found out that one of my lecturers also fell from his bike and successfully crushed his TWO powerbook (one is only one week old). Well, it wasn’t funny at all now.

Then a couple of minutes ago as I talked to another friend of mine, he mentioned that he also fell from his bike yesterday and he saw another guy fell too…

Funny? Yes. Tragic? Yes. All I can say that it will be hard to forget the “Bike Falling Day”.