I am doing the Project Week this week. What is the Project Week? Well, as a part of my study here at ISNM we will have to do a project about something in a week and exhibiting it to everybody. Quite refreshing after one month full of assignment and lectures =).

The current Project Week’s theme is “Information Street”. The basic idea is to walk from one point of the city to another point and gather some information, any kind of information, from it and in the end present that information in some kind of exhibition.

So we collected the idea from each of the student (about 18 ideas) and we picked some of the best ideas by voting it (each student get 3 vote) then we do those best ideas. We finally have 5 great ideas, one of them is mine – I felt very honored, and we have to make those ideas into reality.

I will write more about this Project Week but right now I have to prepare something since I am now one of the Project Manager (because my idea was chosen)… Until then, OK?