I found a very hard time to write about my project in the Project Week… The project is so obvious if you are in front of the interface but to translate the concept or the implementation I found it was a very difficult task. So I will write about it some other time, but I will write it for sure… The project is just too much interesting to be undocumented in words.

So, about my life… if you are still interested ;). It’s been a slow but time consuming week. More assignment to do, less time to do it and some interesting moments.

First interesting moment is that I have a new bike… I’ve sold my great purple bike to one of my friend. Well, not because it was a bad or broken bike but I need a tougher bike. My purple bike is a general purpose bike with light frame and thin tires so it just didn’t fit my needs. So I bought another second hand trekking bike. It is silver and blue, thick tires, 3 gears for front tire and 7 gear for rear tire and a very strong frame but still light. I call it Bulls (since it also written on the frame and I am not in the creative mood at that time) and it is a very strong and durable bike. Well, it cost a lot more than my purple bike but it will be my best friend for my years in Lübeck.

Second interesting moment is I have some new friends here at ISNM. Now there are more than 20 students at my class, the class of 2003. So now the crowd is quite big =).

The third one is now I have my Student Card (Studierendenausweis) from <a href=”http://www.uni-luebeck.de/&#8221; title=”Universit