It’s almost 2 weeks since I’ve got here and I am still not used to the weather. It’s cold and wet all the time. I have to walk about 20 minutes from my apartment to my campus in a cold dan windy autumn morning everyday. But since Lübeck is a very beautiful city I actually enjoy living here.

Lübeck is a rather small city. It have two part of town which are the Innenstadt (Inside Island) and of course Outside Island (I don’t know what they called it here). I am living in the Innenstadt which is the oldest part of the city (the Old Town) and also an UNESCO World Heritage since 1987. My place is an historical building built around 15 century.

What amaze me about Lübeck is it have almost everything in the Innenstadt, except trem’s rail (they only have bus). Maybe because it is a tourist city. You can have almost everything just by walking around the island, it is so compact yet beautiful in the term of the building and the people. I believe you can circling the Innenstadt by walking in just a day.

Everyday I walk about 20 minutes from my place to Media Docks which is where my campus reside. I really need to get a bike…

Well, that’s all for now. I will write more about Lübeck later.