Three years ago on the same day, I wrote my first weblog/journal entry with Blogger.

And today I take my time off… It’s been a great years and it was a pleasure sharing with all of you but I just run out of energy… So many things happened lately and it drained away all my energy and I find it hard to keep on concentrated on everything.

I lost some and I gain some… I may cry a lot but I also smiles a lot… I feel being hated yet I feel being loved, I feel sad yet I feel happy, I feel anger yet I feel compassion… It’s a rollercoaster life experience.

Friendship, relationship, betrayal, compassion, love, hate, anger, happiness, sadness, sorrow, joy and everything else… Can you believe I’ve been feel all that things at the same time?

But I am ok, I will be just fine… It just another end of one of the best chapter in my life, it is sad that it end like this but it is also joy that a new chapter will begin in a very different kind of way.

Thank you for everything… Thank you for being my regular reader, I feel honored. Thank you for all of your kind support when I need it…

I’ll be back. But when I can’t give any promise… I just need some time off.