Last Thursday I went with Ayu and her family to watch Konnyakuza‘s opera: Gauche the Cellist. Great show! It was funny, entertaining, light-heartening and really easy to ‘feel’ even if you don’t understand Japanese. Well, it sure fulfill the request of the performer and director that you don’t have to ‘understand’ the show… just ‘feel’ it… And it proved!

And on Friday I went also with the same party to watch Jakarta Philharmonia Orchestra at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (It’s Jakarta Art Building in English). Good performance while it was not perfect but still a good one.

Well, spending time with Ayu sure was something but spending time with her watching two art events in a row was more than special… After some busy months these were the medicine I need to recharge my right side of the brain. Thank you for inviting me to join the fun, Ayu. I really appreciated this… =)