Ayu will have her final thesis examination this Saturday (16) and next Tuesday (19). She is very busy and very high tense right now with the preparation and my attitude and lack of understanding weren’t help her a bit… =(

I wish I could do more than just leave her alone busy with her thesis, but I guess that is what she want since everytime I want to help her in anyway it always turn out to be just another catastrophic disaster or emotional rollercoaster. Even stand close to her send a chill down to her spine… Seems pretty tense. Maybe I am giving her a bad vibration =(.

Well, now I am wishing her the best of luck and success on her thesis. Always wish the best for you, dear Ayu. I know you can do it as best as you can. God bless you.

Speaking about luck. I also will need a great deal of luck and blessing from all of you. I am in the middle of prepration for something big, something major that it may change my life (and no.. I wasn’t talking about marriage.. yet). So until the right time (which I don’t even know when but I will tell you all anyway later) just wish the best for me too.

To sum it all… Ayu and I need your best wish and blessing. Ayu with her thesis and me with my big and major thing. Wish both of us, will you? Thank you.