Hope you all not too bored with my rants about web standards =).

After my last curiosity research, I’ve been doing more intensive research on a couple of Indonesian Web Developers, especially the big players.

And I am not so surprised that NONE of them, including some new so-called web developer, passed the validation test (including my office sigh – and it is out of my jurisdiction). In fact some of them have obsolete website… Hmm, I just wondering are they too busy developing other people website so they are forgotten their own?

It’s ironic indeed… If they don’t care then who will? In the middle of ‘standarized movement’ by some major website like Wired, ESPN, PGA, Inc. and many others, Indonesian web developers and web designers are just don’t care about it. In fact some of them despise using standards for so many reasons like standards is so hard to learn (hello there! I thought the web developer are always have to learn new tricks!), standards is not compatible with old browser (hello! I thought you said that Netscape 4 user are rare in here!), no WYSIWYG software for standards (hello! I thought knowing HTML is a major requirement for a web developer) and other illogical reasons. If you or your company thinking that way, please do us, the web developer that care, a favor… step out of web developer world, become other developer instead like cd-rom presentation developer or else. Don’t put more dirt and dust on the web, please…

Are there any person or company that called themselves ‘Indonesian web developer” really care about this? Now I feel so lonely… sigh.