Notice the Regular Reading box below the Recent Book? It contains some of my regular worth reading websites. Some people asking me what are my regular reading websites, so there they are… Give them a visit (and read them too of course), it will worth your time.

Been thinking about adding this feature for awhile. I could make it easier using Blogrolling or but they are not exactly what I need and want (Not they are bad but I have greater expectation). After some furious searching and some frustration, finally I found the article: How to make a quick links weblog in Movable Type which is exactly what I want! Thank you Mark!

So, right now, everytime I want to add a link I just click my Mozilla Firebird‘s bookmarklet (created with MT‘s feature: Setup bookmarklets) and the entry magically appears in the Regular Reading‘s box. Neat eh?

I could also make it categorized and add more cool stuff too. For now, this is enough, need some sleep… Enjoy the new feature…