Actually this is kinda funny. After I finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and announced it on Harry Potter Indonesia mailing list, a reporter from Koran Tempo called me and said that he want to interview me about my ‘Harry Potter Book Hunt”. So I did and the interview was printed on the first page just below the main news on the next day… =)

After that another interview with the same newspaper and suddenly some people recommended me to become a speaker on this event. Oh well, if you are currently in Jakarta and like Harry Potter (don’t have to be a fan tho), please come to the event… we will talk about the book, maybe some spoiler (so bring your walkman or earphone or else if you haven’t read the book) and everyting else about the so-called “Harry Potter’s Phenomena”… and don’t forget they will play the “Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets” DVD too.

See you there.