Here is a dialog:

B: I love it, let’s go!

A: Want to watch it now?

B: This review said it was a good movie.

A: What do you think about that movie?

B: Reading a review about this movie.

A: What are you doing?

B: Fine, thank you.

A: Hello! How are you today?

Make sense? No? Well, this is what happened if you write your e-mail reply on top of the quoted e-mail entry. This act is called top posting and considered the most annoying thing in e-mail or usenet communication. Thanks to Priyadi for the ‘top posting’ term.

Not only top posting messes up the order of the dialog, it also followed by the habit of not cleaning the unused quote, especially footer, and it also sizing up the e-mail size (imagine an e-mail with 5 same footer, who need 5 footer?).

Time to learn some good habit, folks.