Are you an Indonesian graphic or web designer? Then participate in Adikarya Desain Indonesia 2003 (Indonesia Design Masterpiece 2003)! Details on the website.

One thing that make me quite happy is the separation between graphic design and web designer. I always said that web design is not just ‘graphic design on the web’. Web design deserve more that that! Maybe both can be categorized under visual communication design field. I strongly agree that without a good graphic design then a website will be a sore to the eyes but there are more than just ‘good looks’ to make a good website. It will take good information architecture and design, good application, good understanding on the user… All of those are not easy to learn but they are the ‘must factor in a good website.

Sidenote – a web designer’s rants: Hello (Indonesian) advertising agency!!! If you think you know all about good website based on your previous experience on graphic design then think again. Most of your website design are just some poster design cut into some small pieces and glued together with tables!! Yes, it will look good and nice (not to mention those overacting animation that make the first time visitor said “Whoa!!!” but after some visit they think its annoying) but are they what the users need? Well, most of you don’t even care about the user as long as your website looks cool and pleased the owner. Some of you are doing a good job on creating website, I can’t ignore that fact, but most of you are just don’t want to learn (or care?) about the process of creating a good website. Most of you just polluting the web with websites that take forever to load, have a ‘state of the art’ navigation that confusing to use, have a bad structural pages that frustrating to find and everything that give websites a bad name. For those ads agency that take time to learn and appreciate website as it is and respect its nature, I give you my two thumbs up… you already have a good graphic design skill and that should be a good start… but for the rest of you… learn, appreciate and respect websites as a different medium than you normally design! After that, then you can be harvesting the true potential of this particular medium.

Back to main topic.. please do participate, it will be worth everytime you will spend on this competition. Show your best effort and you may become one of the best Indonesian designer ever known.