Lately I’ve been experiencing some creepy moments. Well, it’s not that creepy but still kinda make me feel uneasy. It seems like everytime I am thinking that I want something to happened very badly, it really happened.

Just this afternoon, I was humming an Indonesian song while drove back home. Then I really want to hear that song played on the radio. So I turn on the car’s radio and search for some radio station… after 2 or 3 radio station, I found the radio speaker was talking about the band that played the song I really wanted to hear and after about 2 or 3 minutes, the song was played… and I was stuned.

This ‘radio’ thing happened about 5 times already. Besides the ‘radio’ thing, I have the same experience with bus (I wished the bus arrive soon then it seems to popup from the corner), rain (It was a very hot Sunday, as I was very sleepy… I wished it would rain and I feel asleep for about 15 minutes and awake because it was raining outside), food (I was very hungry when suddenly my friend gave me his bread… ok, maybe I was looking very hungry and it shows =P) and other stuff I tried to forget.

So, this is kinda creepy…