Remember High School? When all you care were your own world and your friends?

Today I hangout with a couple of my high school’s friends (well, 2 of them were my junior high school’s friends too). Man, how we are all grown up… =)

Budi is working at Department of Foreign Affair, a diplomat will-be, Ganda is working as a programmer at an IT consultant, Ferry still do freelancing architectural stuff right now and Billy, our playboy of the decade, still working at Landscape Division, Local Region Government Office. To our surprise Billy arrived with his fiancee and told us that he will get married in September… Guess his playboy days were way behind him… =P

We talked about everything… past, present and future. It’s been a quite long time we hangout together so there were a lot news and rumors to catch up. We talked about our high school gang and what happened to each of them. Leo is already married and have a child, George is married too, Dick is rich and learn how to overcome his impedement, Deni is out there somewhere, Yul is fattening again and we still couldn’t found Yopie, who we all know he is somewhere at Malang and running a computer store there.

Well. It was fun and memorable… And we plan to keep on hangout at weekend if possible, afterall good friendship is rare and our friendship have been tested throughout the time (more than 10 years… that’s almost a half of our lifetime).