IE is dead. D e a d. There will be no new version after IE 6 for Windows and absolutetly no new version after IE 5 for Mac.

No IE7/Win… No IE6/Mac… and in the end there will be no more new version of IE:

“As part of the OS, IE will continue to evolve, but there will be no future standalone installations. IE6 SP1 is the final standalone installation. … Legacy OSes have reached their zenith with the addition of IE 6 SP1. Further improvements to IE will require enhancements to the underlying OS.”

Huh? To improve IE will requite enhancements to the OS? Where in the hell they’ve got that idea? Browser IS browser… It just like saying “Further improvements to Microsoft Word will require enhancements to the underlying OS aka. Windows.” Sounds strange, isn’t it?

So we are back to the Netscape 4 tragedy… If you are a non web designer maybe you don’t even care what I am talking about. But let me tell you that your chance to experience a greater experience browsing (small filesize, faster loading and not to mention the possibility to browse with other gadgets like PDA or Cellphone) will have to wait until … I don’t know.

Updates: Read the better opinion at Todd’s and Zeldman’s,

Well. There is some alternatives tho… Use other browser! There are (My personal recommendation) Firebird for Windows (only 6 MB), Mac OS X and Linux, the always light browser named Opera, the best browser for Mac OS X called Safari and for those using Linux, you already know that you’ve got many browser you can use. Oops forgot one of the oldest browser that make a great comeback Netscape.

You can choose to stay with the already obsolote browser like IE or Netscape 4 (yikes!! who still using this browser? I want to know) or enjoy the new experience with some alternatives way. If you ask me, I take the new experience over stabilize but flawed one…