Sometimes it’s very hard to understand people, especially the one that close to me. The hardest part is to understand why they can’t understand me.

I am a very simple person. As long as it is logical, I will understand it easily. Well, maybe my heart will not say so but heart can be very deceiving.

I live my life for almost 25 years as a logical person. Even to appreciate such thing as arts and music I used logic because even though they are created by heart, they are still the productions of brain.

That’s why I choose architecture and that’s why I am now doing design. To some degree architecture and design are subjective matters but still there are many logical explanation about your design.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been learning again to use my heart. That was not an easy task but I am doing quite well, in my humble opinion. But some people are not too easy to understand that. They demand instant changes. I understand that they’re meant well but I also want they to understand that this is not a magical task that could be done over night.

Sometimes I wish that they leaved me alone. But without them who will give me support to do this task? It’s a very damn hard dilemma.

Now I hope I can understand them why they can’t understand me. I just hope it isn’t too late already.

I’m Still Here (John Rzeznik)


blockquote>_I am a question to the world,

Not an answer to be heard.

All a moment that’s held in your arms.

And what do you think you’d ever say?

I don’t listen anyway