I am taking TOEFL today. Yeah, I know my English sucks but I just want to know how sucky I am by taking that test… =)

Started the day with panic mode because my cab was late to pick me up at 7.30. Man, how come the cab company as good as Blue Bird can be so annoying. This kind of thing already happened before and this morning it happened again! Luckily my mother was about to go out so I went to the test place with my mom’s car and I arrived just about 10 minutes before the test started… phew. I don’t know if the cab arrived or not… Just made a small reminder that Blue Bird’s cab is not so good at it was, too bad.

The test was not easy, of course!!! As you may already guess I was suck with the Structure/Writing part of the test… and for Listening and Reading, well… I can only said that those part of the test save my whole test… =)

Well, just have to wait for another 3 weeks for the result to come out. By then I and you all will know how sucky my English is…