Cozy Street Corner’s second album Nirmana (which first album goes beyond my radar and I still can’t get it now… Anybody care to help me?) is a mixed bag of a very wide variety kind of music. It will be a very absurd effort to fit CSC’s music into any kind of popular genre because I believe is not the kind of music CSC is creating.

One thing for sure is CSC’s music is an Indonesian music, whatever that mean or interpreted. Each of their song are expressed some kind of Indonesiaism (if there is such thing) or maybe the exact phrase is ‘ethnical’ (as one of my colleague referred them). It sound so familiar even to the most untuned Indonesian ears, like the song “We Nana Nayo’ which had sound like a traditional jungle ceremony hymn (which is quite right because the song is about jungle).

CSC’s music is a truly refreshments in the middle of uniformness of Indonesian’s so-called modern music. CSC are different… Just different from the mainstream that seems to repeat themselves over and over again on each of their new album (Hello Dewa? SO7? Padi? c’mon… Show us some variety).

I will try to give my opinion about each song one by one (yes, I am feeling diligent today). Here they are in particular order:

1. ……(d/h Sasongko)

I don’t know why they named this song like this. I don’t even know if I must write it with exactly 6 dots =). The song is an energetic song with heavy melodious distortion guitar (which is quite a contradiction to most of CSC’s characterization of accoustical sound).

2. Delman

Now this is what I called a great piece of composition. The sound of accoustic guitar with highlighted banjo and sparkling percussion are combined into a song that will remind you to some kind of Betawi’s music. The music and the theme (which is about the two-wheel chart pulled by horse) are complimented each other.

3. S.B.U.

Three song with one title… Well, actually it’s three title (Saya ingin bercerita – Bulan dan bintang – Ulat bulu). I don’t know why the put this three song together in one composition, maybe they are too short if stand on their own? ‘Saya ingin bercerita’ is another example of skillful accoustic guitar play and sound and the lyric is so simple but had deeper meaning that the Indonesian’s mainstream (pop) music. ‘Bulan dan bintang’ give us an easy to whistle tune accompany by a bright sound of piano which kind of remind me of some popular children’s song which I sang more than ten years ago. The we had ‘Ulat bulu’… Which is really can be categorized as a children song. Played with accoustic guitar and string section and a little touch of percussion this song is a very lighthearted song that can make any children sing it easily. Hmm, I wonder if this three song are put together because all of them can be categorized as ‘easy to follow’ song?

4. Tak Berarti

Another accoustical piece. Easy listening for lazy afternoon after working hard all day.

5. Cinta

A 10.22 minute song. Starting with some kind of Gregorian chant that end with ringing church’s bell then followed by a melodious solo guitar ala Joe Satriani. The ‘real’ song itself is kinda have a jazzy feeling especially on the percussion part.

6 T’usah Gundah

The song with the shortest lyric. “no worry, i’ll stay … … t’usah gundah”… That’s all. The song is opened with a very sad sound cello that followed by repetious accoustic guitar and percussion. I don’t know but I still think that this song is a good song if only they cut it quite a bit… afterall it’s a 5.45 song that repeat over and over again which is quite ironic considering the song ‘Cinta’ that had a longer run but contain much variety.

7. Kira Di Dada

Now this is an interesting song. A ‘dangdut’ style song which remind of some old campus band like Pancaran Sinar Petromak (anybody got their cassette or MP3? I really want to hear them again). Well, actually this song IS a PSP kind of song =).

8. Katakan

80’s rock. This song is having the same style as “T’usah Gundah”. Opening – Chorus – Chorus – Chorus – Chorus – Fade out. Kinda boring… It still a nice song but personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone if I want to promote CSC to them.

9. Jelang Benam Matahari

One of my favorites. An accoustical guitar composition that enrich by some string section then given some ‘keroncong’ atmosphere give this song a very ethnical sound. The lyric is brilliant and the words are well chosen.

10. We Nana Nayo

A tribal war song? Could be… =) The jungle sound (and no, not that jungle disco music!) is very well compositioned with accoustic sound. Percussion section is the main part of this song, just like any traditional tribal song.

That’s all… phew I cover them all. Well, as my other opinion these are just my personal opinion and you should hear the music for yourself to really appreciate their music. You can download their sample at their website. My personal favorites are “Delman”, “S.B.U.”, “Cinta” dan “Jelang Benam Matahari”.

If you are bored and tired with the Indonesian mainstream music then this album maybe your cure. A fine choice to listen while sit or lie down lazily at the end of a busy week too. Highly recommended.