been busy with my works and my photolog. i love my life =).

but recently i’ve been thinking about continuing my school outside of this miserable country by taking a postgraduate degree. well, since i am not a wealthy man or family, i had to found some scholarship but considering my undergraduate’s grade it will be very hard to find one =(.

well, if you know any scholarship that consider portfolio and/or working experience, please let me know. thanks!

my rant: to study abroad you must have a lot of money. either you are very smart (and get the scholarship) or you are very rich. you could be dumb and stupid but if you are rich you can study abroad, get the job there and stay rich. how about some middle classes like me? are we doomed to be like this forever? well, i believe if my government do their job right against the corruption there will be plenty of financial aid to everybody. i often heard how the government official or the parliement official taking money as equal as ten times the money i need to study abroad. c’mon… what you going to do with that money? bribe God when you die so you can go to heaven? if you didn’t take the money maybe a lot of indonesian people will have free education and i don’t have to study abroad because there will be plenty of great school and opportunity in this country. what? i heard your denial about the corruption… hey! if you are poor when you were not a parliement member and after two years as a parliement member you can buy a billion rupiahs house then i really like to know how you can get that much money because i need those money to continuing my school and not to buy a house!