i rarely comment about politic especially foreign politic. but dubya’s state of union speech was not only about politic…

it was about absurdity…

i only speaking about the last part of dubya’s speech, as i don’t really care about america’s economic problem, health problem and other problem, which is about war against iraq.

as we all know, dubya and his croonies is pushing very hard to get into war against iraq. dubya said the reason of the invasion to iraq is that iraq posses the mass-destruction weapons… yeah, right… so is america.

if i was one of the country leader i will demand the weapon list of america because america is threatening other countries with their super power weapon. and i will demand america to disarm them because well, the only country that ever used nuclear power was america. i just wonder why no country leader think about this loud, clear and bare fact?

are the leader of all countries too afraid to america? i think so… the real threat left in this world is america (well, the government of america… i am not against the people of america). of course there are many terrorist organization through out the world but the most organized and with the most advanced weaponry is still the government and military of america.

the pre-emptive strike reason is one of the absurd reason i’ve ever read/heard. well, yes the offence is the best defence but it only happened if the battle already began and the offence doesn’t mean that we had to start the battle.

comparing dubya to hilter and his nazi may sound a bit exaggerated. but yes, they look and feel the same.

i can write a ton of absurdity considering this ‘situation’ but i’ll save it for another occasions and to close this writing i will quote a little from dubya’s speech:

If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning. And tonight I have a message for the brave and oppressed people of Iraq: Your enemy is not surrounding your country. Your enemy is ruling your country. And the day he and his regime are removed from power will be the day of your liberation.

I think we should change the word “iraq” to “america” to make a correct phrase . dubya is like sauron in the lord of the ring trilogy, the different is dubya already wear the one ring.

*footnote: dubya = george w. bush