ied fitri. a celebration after a month of ramadhan’s fasting. a day to contemplate and to remember about life after fasting. for me ramadhan is not just a celebration… in fact it’s not a celebration at all.

but not for most people. for them ied fitri is a moment of big celebration. it’s a party time after a month full of forbidden tasks. and to make it more funnier… most of the people that celebrate ied fitri with a big bang are not fasting during the ramadhan… yeah, i could mention a couple of name who proudly said they are not fasting but when ied fitri come they are the first to send a ied fitri’s card… funny eh? what are you celebrate anyway?

why ied fitri is not and never be a celebration for me? maybe because i always miss ramadhan. i miss the atmosphere, the feeling and the sound of prayer in the air. why celebrate something that i miss? and life is short, i don’t know if i will experience ramadhan again.

sigh. for me, ied fitri is a celebration that way much overrated.