it’s been a very long time, too long perhaps, since the last entry. sorry, too busy with my current exciting works but well, it pays well so who want to complain?

well. i miss journaling again. and since now i kinda get a grip with my brand new time management plan i think i will be able to write again.

so, don’t worry. slowly but sure i will update the whole site, including the main page and portfolio. i’ve decided to remove the ‘repository’ section since it will mainly contain most of my portfolio anyway and maybe i will add the ‘studio’ section which will give access to whoever interested in hiring me for some not-too-tight schedule design works. yes, i am back to business again, not because i am quitting my jobs but sometimes i need some extra money… =)

until then. keep on watching, there are so many surprise on my sleeves that i will like to share them with you all. enjoy life!