been thinking about this lately. i’ve got a good job, i am living a relative good life and i am quite content with what i’ve had right now… and… well, you can see the incoming “but” here, can’t you?

but… i rather live somewhere else other than this cursed country. i am very tired of what happening in this country and yes, my proudness of being this country citizen is degradating everyday since there are nothing that i can be proud about this country and i can’t do something to make this country a better country.

the system don’t work, the law are bendable, the people are very undisciplined and corrupt (especially those who got power.. they really are using their power to get whatever they want… stop saying that you are not guilty of corruption!!! i am tired of all of you lying to us as if we are stupid!!! we can see with our own eyes, it was you who are the stupid one thinking that we can not see your fault!!!) and above everything is there is no bright light at the end of the tunnel where this country will walking into.

and as if the life isn’t hard enough here, now the citizen of this country are officially branded ‘harsh, cruel, untolerate and terorist-wanna-be’ by other country… this really made living as an indonesian very tough. you can’t do anything to and for your country… frustating isn’t it?

really, i rather be somewhere else but here. a place where i can live my life as peaceful as i want to be…

anybody need an architect/designer somewhere outside this country? please be kindly contact me. even now i am looking for some opportunity somewhere at pacific or carribean or maybe africa. some small and secluded island are all right for me too. that places seems more promising than this place.

my life is short and i don’t want to waste it wasted in this place. i rather put my talent and ability somewhere else where i can get appreciated intelectually and financialy. i am an egoist you said? well, i just want my life to be worth the years i’ll live on and that kinda hard if i stay here.

i never feel this worse about living in this hard-to-breath environment. it just choking my breath. i want to go, living and working somewhere.. anywhere… really, anywhere but here…