this may sound very cliche but after pursuing a so-called-happiness for the rest of my life, i finally find something that may change my way of life.

after some discussion about life. my friend ardi told me that the standard for happiness is standarized by our own standard.

at first i didn’t quite take any deep thinking on that. but after a while i’ve been giving much time to think about those words then i’ve came to my own conclusion.

yes, there is a standard for happiness. that standard is created by us. we draw the red line that set the limit between happiness and sorrowness. the most shocking things is that i’ve never felt so much happiness in my life and its not because i set the standard too high but because i never set any standard.

through out these years, i just driven by my tragically not-so-failure-proof way of logical mind. and in that frame of mind there is no such thing as happiness, only a way to survive. i’ve been living that life for most of my life.

after some deep breath and silent moment, i realized that i need those standard for happiness. my life is quite content right now, there is always a target for achievement, of course but it means raise my current standard and it means an improvement of my degree of happiness.

cliche, eh? well. it may sound that to everybody but it means a lot to me.