at last i finished my first day at work… it was a very different but exciting experience after almost a year working as a freelancer. so this is my today’s story.

it takes almost two hours driving from my home to my new office and i take a so-called-paying-freeway! so much for a ‘freeway’… and after i arrived, since this is my first day i had to report to the human resource department. after almost 3 hours dealing with administration stuff and registered my fingerprint and id number for absence identification, neat eh? finally i get my job’s description brief.

after a not-so-short brief, i was showed my place which is a medium room with detail censored. company’s policy. sorry and i was glad to know that a power mac g4 with a scanner and a printer will be my new toy… =)

not much happened during the day. i just playing around with some idea and familiarize myself with the environment. at 4 i had a meeting which i believe is classified for you! he he he… just wait for a surprise, peoples. just wait.

then i went home at 7. and it only takes an hour to get home. lucky me. so this is my story. not much eh? well, i guess so. but i am too tired now to write more detailed version and since most of my day is categorized mostly as classified i only shared the main line of the story… sorry peoples. company’s policy.

all i could say is, i will work with some nice and great peoples, inside a good and healthy company, create some awesome graphics, got lunch and dinner (if necessary) for free, got nice paycheck and have to drive through a traffic jam each day. still, this is a great job!