sorry for the lack of updates. my real life™ is now an interesting and very busy life. it’s almost 7 am to 8 pm (sometimes 9 or 10 pm) outside the house. not that i am complaining, i am enjoying this new routine… honest!

being a solo graphic designer in a television broadcasting station is not a very usual job… well, i’ve got help from my working partner of course, thanks friend.. i need those help. but imagine you had a responsibility to design from print presentation to broadcast presentation. cool eh? and i am still a greenhorn… that factor add to the interesting part… =)

so i hope you understand about the lack of updates. as today i’ve got some new tasks at hand… broadcast and print as usual… you’ll have to be a jack of all trades, right?

well. that’s it for now. i had some work to do. there is no free time for me now, i guess its a payover for my overly free time back then.. =P. until later.