personally i have nothing against flash but my computer is… i love looking at any ‘well designed’ flash website, they are great and give something different. but my computer did not like any kind of flash…

yes, with amd k6/2 400 and 64 mb ram it will choke up on any flash website i visit. we (my computer and i) didn’t have problem on loading flash (hey, we have cable!) but when the time to process this amazing and magnificent flash movies… it will choke up and losing resource very quickly… sometimes crashing the browser… sigh

and one thing that make me really frustrated is that most of the great flash website had big (if not gigantic) flash’s filesize. so, the bigger the file the harder my computer will work… and the higher chance that it will crash.

well, until i’ve got more ram and hopefully better cpu, i think i better stay away from any ‘flash enhanced’ website… no offence, but i am very concern about my cpu’s life… =)