i was officially subscribed to my first (and still my only) isp in my city, bandung. i was engulfed with amazement and then i found ‘chatting’. it was a great chance to meet other people you didn’t know. yeah, i was an irc addict once.

i found my place in msn’s server (now dead, i believe) at channel #indonesia (then #bandung, #bawel and a lot more). i met one amazing community and i felt very attached to them. we met in real life, we created a new relationship and we created a great friendship.

we met, we laughed, we hold on fast and then we said goodbye (melodies of life, theme song of final fantasy ix)

that was a couple of great years. until msn shut it down… i miss them now, but bukrie gave me a chance to keep the connection alive by inviting me to join blogging at MSNceletukers. so thanks again bro!

do you have an extraordinary virtual community somewhere?