was one of a valid clue how clueless and ignorant most people really are. no, i didn’t mean to insult anybody but i just want to express my deepest concern about this (oh not so) important matter, at least to me.

i’ve got 14 (yes, four.teen) e-mail viruses, from the i-worm’s breed, mailed to me which date range from 7 april 2001 (the oldest one) until 4 may 2001 (the latest one)… it made a record, at least for me, 14 viruses for one month, cool eh?

statistically; 1 unknown and 2 known person, each of them sent me 1 virus, 2 person sent me 2 viruses for each of their head, 1 person sent me 3 viruses and finally the one and only winner sent me 4 viruses! congratulation for each of you who participated and thank you very much… grin

it was widely known that this e-mail virus, which mostly i-worm’s breed, only affected people who were using outlook express as their mail client and to my another surprise it was only affected to the unread messages inside the inbox folder.

why that fact surprise me? because i’ve got viruses from people i know from some mailing list! got my point here? they were put a mailing list email inside the inbox folder!

well, okay, maybe you were not surprised at all… maybe it just me who put every different mailing list’s mail inside every different folder… yeah, call me an organized e-mail freak… =)

i don’t use outlook express and out of my curiousity and stupidity i tried to activate it and, of course, it infected my system… but only with some funny effect… my mail client, which i can only said that it was not outlook express and yes, it’s a free e-mail client which i used for about 4 years until now, sometimes went on without warning, even when i was offline… sigh

but with some help from avx‘s website, i finally get rid of that annoying stupid thing…

oh well, i am not anti-outlook express… which will make me look like an anti-microsoft rebel (i was an NT MCSE once!), but i am an anti-ignorance… that explain a lot of things…