nothing much to do, i had to come to the office thou… but i didn’t. i just want to get lazy, it’s sunday for all the good day’s sake.

so, today i just squashed some bugs on my almamater’s website (well, this is what i did when i was lazy… programming! geez), browsing the web, reading other journal and some asp files (warning to those NT-based website, your global.asa revealing too much information!), watching tv and some other lazy stuff… yeah, right!

when i was browsing the web, i found out a lot of personal website using “name” like: negeri bidadari’s wio (i always go here when i didn’t know where to browse anymore), goresan harian’s zam, indigo’s tyaz and other (you can go to them from the left menu). i just name this web “”. hmm, sounds boring eh?

should i search for a name?