two weeks, starting now – mission: impossible

sing the tune of mission: impossible

(put the mini-cd into player)

(humming sound)

good morning…

your next mission will only have two weeks to do this duty:

  • finish your final presentation report and get it signed plus finishing your addition to your design
  • do your final test on one of your class, after you deliver your illness report to the authorized person
  • do your ‘art in architecture’ assignment after you read the example assignment at the library
  • and finally… finish your practical job assignment after you met your mentor and get approval from him
  • all your mission must be finished before next week, which dating from 22 to 27 of january 2001 and if you fail then you will not, i repeat, will not have another chance to get a degree from this institution again!

    this record will be destroyed in 5 seconds and will be sending to you again and again just as a reminder…


    (shhhh… smoke come out from the player)

    … i have no comment … just wish me luck… this is like playing an rpg game and get ready for the final boss!!!