the saga continue…

at last… the final presentation was over… yes, it’s over… end… but the waiting is not end up yet! why? because now it’s the time to wait for the result… sigh

yeah, yeah, i know i said that i don’t care about the result… but still it’s the part of the final presentation, right? it will not matter whatever the result is because i am already in trouble with my study limit… then if i passed i will get a degree soon, but if i don’t, well… i don’t get a degree. but i will still working at the same place and pursuing the same dream… so it really don’t matter, right?

well, of course it still matter a bit, especially about making my parent proud of me… and that still matter and that is the only thing that matter right now.

hmm, i guess i have to wait until tomorrow at about 01.00 pm to receive the result… the waiting just begin.